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 Cariño: Showing Love & Cultivating Families 


by Josie Ramirez, MSW, MPH


Parenting is difficult and does require a village of support. What a child experiences in their first years of life makes a big difference in how their brain will develop and how they will interact throughout their lives.


Aprendamos Intervention Team is now offering prenatal, parenting and child development educa­tion through its new program entitled “Cariño” Home Visiting.


There are no income requirements to be enrolled in Cariño Home Visiting. Family’s qualify if you are Expectant parents, or parents with children birth to three years of age. Grandparents raising Grandchildren, or any legal guardian qualify.


Families enrolled in the program receive one-to-one education in the convenience of their home. A home visitor is assigned to each family and home visits are flexible to accommo­date the needs of the family. In addition to parenting, and child development education, families will also receive education on nutrition, breastfeeding, car seat and home safety.


There are many benefits of home visiting. The Home Visitor offers support to the family, answers questions about the baby’s development and helps connects the family to resources in their community. Additionally, families will also benefit from the home visiting lending library where home visitors bring children’s books to the home and parents are able to check out at least two books at a time and return them at their next visit. Introduc­ing literacy early provides children the opportunity for a greater chance of being successful during the school years and will also increase parent-child interaction.


To refer, register or to obtain more information on the Cariño Home Visiting Program please contact Josie Ramirez, Program Manager at or (575) 526-6682.

Newsletter | Fall 2017

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