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First steps to seeking therapy

by Claudia Martinez


Making the decision to seek therapy for you or your family can be a dif­ficult and resistant process. It can be hard for someone to decide that ther­apy is needed and when it is needed. It can be even harder for someone to decide for the whole family that they all need to seek therapy together. There may be a lot of doubt, uncertainty, or confusion when deciding when it is best for you or your family to seek therapy. When you decide to seek therapy for yourself or with your family, you are gaining the ability to move forward in life. You are gaining the opportunity to work through problems properly and you are gaining the opportunity to learn more about yourself.


But why would anyone feel the need to see a therapist? Here are a few reasons why:

• Specific goals or issues have been identified that you wish to work on

• You or your family need help coping with a traumatic event

• Relationship with spouse or children are strained

• You have behavioral, academic, or mental concerns for you or your children

• Feelings of depression or unusual behavior in yourself or your children


Individual or family therapy can also be beneficial for you or for a child with a mental health issue. Accord­ing to Mental Health America’s Annual Report for 2016, an estimated 43.7 million adult Americans experience a mental health condition. When it comes to young adults ranging in age 12-17, about 1.7 million young Americans are experiencing severe depression (MHA, 2016). Some signs and symptoms of a mental illness in adults, young adults, and adolescents include:

• Confused thinking

• Prolonged depression

• Social withdrawal

• Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

• Strange thoughts or delusions


There are many benefits to seeking therapy from a licensed professional. The first step towards getting help is deciding to get help. Alegria Family Counseling offers a vide variety of services available to you and your family.

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