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When should a child be referred?

Early referral is best! Parents first report concerns regarding their child's development at approximately seven months of age, yet the average referral is received at 14 months. The child does not need a medical diagnosis or confirmed delay for referral to early intervention.

Who is eligible for early intervention?

Any child under the age of three and who is a New Mexico resident may be eligible for services under one of the four following categories.

     Developmental Delay

  • A delay of 25% or more in speech, motor, sensory, cognitive, adaptive or social-emotional development from a child's age.

     Established condition

  • A diagnosed medical condition that is highly associated is resulting in a developmental delay (i.e., Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

     At-Risk, Biological/Medical Condition

  • A diagnosed medical or biological condition that can be associated with a developmental delay (i.e., prematurity, chronic otitis media).

     At-Risk, Environmental Condition

  • Environmental indicative of a substantial threat to the child's development. These are environmental conditions that can impact the development of the child (i.e., teen parents).

Who pays for early intervention?

Service coordination, evaluation, and assessment services are free for eligible children and families. Families do not have to be eligible for medicaid to receive services. Families eligible for services will not be turned away due to inability to pay.

Where are early intervention services provided?

All Aprendamos early intervention services are provided for the child in his/her natural environment. This includes home, daycare and other community settings. Services are modified with regard to the family’s daily routine, which also educates those having the most contact with the child.

How do families receive services?

  • Anyone can refer a child to early intervention services on the basis of a concern for his/her development. After a referral is made to Aprendamos, a service coordinator will meet with the family to offer them information regarding services. If the family consents to receiving services, the service coordinator arranges a developmental evaluation.
  • If the child is eligible to receive services from Aprendamos, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed through a team effort. The IFSP identifies the supports and services to meet the goals designated by the team.