Congenital Heart Defects

It’s very important for future parents to take care of their health before considering getting pregnant as it can affect their baby’s health. According to studies by the American Academy of [...]

Dental Care

Dental care is a very important part of your baby and child’s health that is often overlooked by parents, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. When should I start taking my baby [...]

Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

In order to begin the healing process of a child who has experienced trauma, parents and caregivers need to know and comprehend its effects. “Trauma changes the way children understand their [...]

Temper Tantrums

The kicking, screaming and body thrashing of toddlers also known as a temper tantrum is extremely frustrating and often times embarrassing, but are also a normal part of development. Throwing [...]

The Effects of Trauma on Childhood Development

The Effects of Trauma on Childhood Development During childhood children experience different circumstances, some of those experiences can be upsetting, but not necessarily traumatic. Other [...]

Tips for helping a child with Autism have a Happy Holiday Season

Tips for helping a child with Autism have a Happy Holiday Season The Holidays can be stressful for everyone, including children. Meeting new people or new places and changes in the usual routine [...]

Child Proofing Your Home

According to the CDC, unintentional injury is the leading cause of death of young children.  Whether it is called baby proofing or child proofing it is extremely important to create a safe [...]

Aprendamos CEO Appointed to ZERO TO THREE Board of Directors

ZERO TO THREE Announces the Appointment of New Board President and Five New Board Members WASHINGTON, D.C – ZERO TO THREE, the leading nonprofit dedicated to ensuring babies and toddlers [...]

Tips for an Autism Friendly Thanksgiving

1. Be sure your child has a safe calm place Be sure that whether you are traveling or have guests that your child has a safe and calm place they can go to and tune out sights, sounds and smells. [...]

The Importance of Autism Screenings and Evaluations

An early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) requires collaboration between parents and pediatricians. Parents should feel comfortable sharing any concerns about your child’s behaviors or [...]