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When should a child be referred?

Babies are born learning. Your child’s most rapid development occurs from birth through his or her third birthday. The first three years set the stage for a lifetime of learning.

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Typical Child Development

By 3 Months

  • Sucks and swallows well during feeding
  • Reaches and grasps for things with hands
  • Lifts and holds head up

By 6 Months

  • Begins to use consonant and vowel combinations
  • Rolls from back to tummy
  • Reaches for a nearby toy while on tummy

By 9 Months

  • Looks at familiar objects and people when named
  • Sits without support
  • Creeps and pull self up

By 12 Months

  • Responds to simple instructions -“sit down”
  • Plays social games such as pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
  • Pulls to stand and cruises along furniture

By 15 Months

  • May use 3 to 10 words
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated
  • Walks alone and seldom falls

By 18 Months

  • May combine simple words
  • Enjoys pretend play games or dances to music
  • Drinks from a cup and uses a spoon or fork

By 24 Months

  • Uses two to three word sentences
  • Names several body parts
  • Throws a ball overhand and kicks ball forward

By 36 Months

  • May know up to 200 words in their home language
  • Puts on shirt but needs help with shoes and buttons
  • More than 50 percent of child’s speech is understood
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