12 Days of Holiday Activities for the Entire Family

Our 12 Days of Holiday Activities for families is a great way to focus on things that children can enjoy adding valuable memories to their childhood. Family traditions are about the importance of spending quality time together and learning family values.

Most of these activities are free or very inexpensive. What matters is creating memories and bonding as family, focusing on what is important. Children will benefit of traditions and family time as they learn valuable skills of generosity and kindness.

Day 1 –  Prepare hot cocoa and/or a favorite dessert.  Involve the children making and decorating cookies while everybody enjoys a cup of their favorite drink (hot coca, tea, etc.). Children will benefit from the tradition of eating a tasty treat and they can practice their fine motor skills.

Day 2 –  Holiday light displays. Have a night out driving around for a light tour. It can be a fun learning experience for children to look at the colorful displays of lights and different shapes.

Day 3 – Giving back.  There are many opportunities to give back as a family, children can learn valuable lessons of generosity and kindness.

Day 4 – Playing indoor and outdoor games.  Families who make physical activity part of their routine promote healthy habits for the children.  Indoor games are a good option when outdoor weather conditions are not ideal.

Day 5 – Write and mail a Holiday card expressing gratitude and love. Children can benefit from writing and practice their writing skills. They can also reflect on the people and things they are grateful for.

Day 6 –  Picnic in the Plaza de Las Cruces.  There are lots of tables and seating throughout the plaza. It offers a great opportunity to unwind from the busy week and spend time admiring the holiday lights and enjoy a family meal together.

Day 7 –  De-clutter. Donate the toys and gently used clothes and blankets your family no longer uses. Donating can bring comfort and joy to other people and teaches children about generosity and selflessness.

Day 8 – Family card game night. What a great way of spending time together playing a favorite game! Children can learn about the importance of taking turns and work on their motor skills while picking up cards or small game pieces.

Day 9 – Call an out of town relative or friend.  Children can learn the importance of family bonds and unity regardless of the distance.

Day 10 – Dance and/or karaoke night.  Dancing and singing can be a fun way for children to practice their gross motor and social skills. There are many opportunities for creativity with this activity.

Day 11 – Watch Holiday movies or read holiday books – Each family member can pick out a movie or a book to read or watch as a family. Your local library is a great resource for renting movies or books.

Day 12 – Go for a family walk through the Town of Mesilla. Your family can enjoy the holiday decorations and bond through being active together.


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