Baby, Mom and Our Girls: How our team has helped our family

Where do I start with Aprendamos Intervention Team? Margie and Krystal, these two women have been AMAZING to my son Alijah and I. From day one, they made both of us comfortable to the point Alijah would cry when they would leave our home visit. They had become a staple in our home before COVID-19 crisis. Once a plan was put in place for the Telehealth services, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t think that he would adjust. He adjusted and is doing amazing! When he sees their faces, he goes wild. Their ability to interact/connect with him and get him to do and say things at the rate that they have is beyond incredible. He went from literally speaking 2-3 words when they first started, and now his vocabulary and functioning is through the roof.

We always get compliments on how smart, manurable, and well-spoken he is, and I don’t know if he’d be this far along without OUR GIRLS. From reading books, singing songs, incorporating daily skills to just every day loving on my baby, these women and the AIT have been nothing but blessings. I LOVE the way they challenge him AND ME.
I tend to be critical of his progress, wondering if he’s where he needs to be, but OUR GIRLS always assure me that he is doing fine, and he is beginning to excel.


With Love,

Aisha and Alijah

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