Katherine and Her Dedicated Team

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Here is a beautiful message to our amazing team members.

Zoe, Amanda, Sarah, and Sara:

I want to thank you all for the heartfelt care Katherine received with each of you at Aprendamos. Also, the education and support provided to me and Spencer was critical in understanding Katherine’s diagnosis and properly addressing her needs.

When the pandemic affected everyone’s daily lives and routines, we were pleased to know telehealth services would be offered to continue Katherine’s therapy. I found that Katherine’s therapy sessions via telehealth were equally effective as scheduled, in-person visits.

Zoe was able to observe our exercises and techniques, address our concerns/questions, and demonstrate additional exercises and massage techniques to ensure Katherine’s continued progress just as if she were here with us. Amanda observed Katherine’s feeding and offered suggestions to progress her ability to tolerate different solids and textures. Sara, RN, provided advisement in Katherine’s general health and growth, discussed her improvements with her reactive airway disease and immune system, what to expect with teething, and observed her behavior and general well-being. Sarah checked in with our family via telehealth to discuss Katherine’s health and development and progress made with her therapists. We have also been advised on locating the necessary health professionals in Huntsville, AL, to ensure Katherine continues to receive proper treatment for her torticollis, plagiocephaly, and possible diagnoses contributing to lingering feeding issues.

All therapy services mentioned were successfully managed via telehealth. Spencer and I are so thankful for the relationship built with Aprendamos and the individualized care Katherine received. Thank you for all you do for families in your care and the genuine desire you have to see these children thrive. Thank you for building our confidence as new and concerned parents. We can’t properly express our appreciation, but all you’ve done means so much to our family.

I hope telehealth therapy remains as an option for families during and after the coronavirus pandemic. I believe it’s proven to be a successful and necessary option to accommodate families in need of your care.

I wish you all health and happiness, and again, with all the love and respect I can express, thank you.

Debra, Spencer, and Katherine Fuller


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