Our Journey from Aprendamos to Esperanza

My name is Vivikka Peña, my husband is Javier, and my son is Gaidge. He is four and started with Aprendamos a little after turning one year old. Our experience with Aprendamos has been nothing short of amazing! His group of therapists were the best! I even met one of my now best friends, Brandy Vasquez, through Aprendamos. She helped me get through some of my hardest days, and without her, I would have been lost. When he graduated to Esperanza we had an offer to go to another agency, and the only thing that kept us from going was Lissi Overcast! She is the most amazing therapist and person. She Genuinely loves her clients, and we personally are so grateful and blessed to have her in our life. She has done wonders with Gaidge! He can’t wait for his weekly visits with her! He Loves her so much, and so do we! She is an asset to Esperanza. They have always made us feel so comfortable and welcome, like family. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and our journey with them!

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