Tips for an Autism Friendly Thanksgiving

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1. Be sure your child has a safe calm place

Be sure that whether you are traveling or have guests that your child has a safe and calm place they can go to and tune out sights, sounds and smells. Encourage your child to spend time there playing or doing a favorite activity before a melt down. Let your guests know that your child needs some time to themselves and that your child is not trying to be rude.

2. Having familiar foods and trying new foods

Thanksgiving is a great time to try new things, but be sure to let your child sample foods before hand so they know what they want on Thanksgiving. New smells, textures and people can be very overwhelming so try to do this leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. Also be sure to have their favorite food on hand.

3. Be prepared and communicate

We all have triggers but it’s best to be prepared for what may trigger your child to have a melt down. Be sure to communicate with your child about what activities are going to take place over Thanksgiving. Be sure to use the strategies you have and let guests know what may trigger your child’s melt down.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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