Michael GutierrezBCBA

Michael is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and is a member of case supervision team at AIT/MASC.  Michael has been practicing as a BCBA since November of 2013 and has worked as an applied behavior analysis clinic supervisor in the private sector, as well as a behavior consultant in the public schools throughout New Mexico.   In addition, Michael worked for 3 years as a developmental specialist in the New Mexico-Family Infant Toddler early intervention program.  In all these settings, he has worked with children and families who have children with autism and other developmental disabilities to reduce challenging behaviors and increase adaptive skills.


Michael earned a Masters Degree in Education (curriculum and instruction with a concentration in applied behavior analysis) from Arizona State University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from New Mexico State University in Special Education and Elementary Education. Michael has spent his entire career teaching and working with students with developmental disabilities and has direct classroom experience working with students in Early Intervention, Pre-School, Elementary, Middle, and High School levels.  Michael has dedicated his career to building relationships and fostering a learning environment that centers on trust and child safety while applying empirically validated learning principals. He is a father of three wonderful girls and spends his spare time cycling, hunting, fishing, and hiking.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Behavioral Modifications for Children with Developmental Disabilities, Practical Functional Assessment/Skills Based Training, Discrete Trial Training, Picture Exchange Communication System, Verbal Behavior Approach, Pivotal Response Treatment, Parent Training, and Functional Communication Training.

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