Episode 16:
What does a Telehealth session look like?

Episode 17:
Reunion de Familias

Episode 13:
The Holiday Blues Toolkit

Episode 14:
2019 Year in Review

Episode 15:
Family Townhall COVID-19 Reopening

Episode 10:
Trash to Treasures

Episode 11:
Beginnings of the Aprendamos Mindful Journey

Episode 12:
A Family of Services

Episode 7:
Early Childhood Evaluation and Development

Episode 8:
Alegria Family Counseling Services Introduced

Episode 9:
Infant Toddler Development

Episode 4: Esperanza
Children’s Clinic

Episode 5:
Early Intervention Services

Episode 6:
Autism Services

Episode 1:
Meet Caroline & Abel of
Aprendamos Intervention Team

Episode 2:
Services Revealed

Episode 3:
Importance of Fathering

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