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Conscious Fathering Program is a hands-on class that prepares fathers for taking care of their newborn baby. This class is for fathers with newborns and expecting fathers in their second or third trimester. This is a three-hour class that covers topics such as how to hold your baby, feeding, cleaning, comforting, and how to identify baby’s basic needs. This is a class for fathers and taught by fathers.

• Learn the basics
• Establish what being a
father means to you
• Identify and anticipate
your baby’s needs
• Create lasting relationships

Fathering in 15™

Fathering in 15™ Format
Each topic follows the same framework using text written at 5th-6th grade reading level, along with short videos and interactive graphics to engage dad in learning.

Each topic contains the following sections:

  • What to Know: The basics and foundation of the topic at hand.
  • What Else: More on the topic at hand, what “else” you need to know.
  • What to Ask: Questions to ask yourself to reflect on what you just learned about the topic at hand.
  • Get Inspired: A video to help reinforce or inspire dad about the topic and/or fathering in general.
  • Learn More: Final thoughts and closing up the topic.

Topics Covered in Fathering in 15™:

01 Family History

02 Being a Man and Dad

03 Handling Emotions

04 Grief and Loss

05 Your Health

06 You and Mom

07 Talking with Mom

08 Co-Parenting

09 Fathering Skills

10 Child Development

11 Child Discipline

12 Sexuality

13 Intimacy

14 Work-Family Balance

15 Managing Money

From the Fathering in 15™ website.

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