Built On Values

Our Values

We believe in FAMILIES FIRST

  • The families we serve, the families we go home to and the families we work with.
  • Embracing the core values of your family and ours.
  • We respect diversity. 
  • Collaborating to provide compassionate, caring, and quality services in a fun environment.
  • Continuously building relationships. 
  • Embracing the families we serve, the community, and our well-being.

We are dedicated to INTEGRITY ALWAYS.

  • We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • We are ethical, transparent, honest, and accountable.
  • Trust in our purpose and in our team.
  • We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.
  • We are bold and humble through open communication and courageous conversations.
  • Supporting one another through teamwork.

We are committed to the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE.

  • We seek excellence through self-improvement to deliver high quality services.
  • We embrace curiosity and continuous learning through collaborative education.
  • Going beyond our potential to provide consistent and shared services.
  • Maintaining high standards to provide quality care in a playful environment.
  • Setting and achieving goals.

We are committed to making a MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE.

  • Making a difference one child, one family, and one relationship at a time.
  • Making a difference by providing progressive programs.
  • One company in united collaboration.
  • Being mindful, intentional and present in what we do.

We are SHAPING THE FUTURE generation.

  • Planting seeds to cultivate our community.
  • Partnering with families and each other to create change.
  • Learning and growing together.
  • Own the vision.

Our Commitment

We believe in FAMILIES FIRST.

  • Collaborate with families and professionals to include goals and needs to achieve their child’s goals.
  • Commit to excellent customer service, respectfulness, and mindfulness to the families we serve.
  • Communicate with transparency to the families we serve, co-workers and other team members.
  • Dedicate ourselves to being mindful to situations and experiences both to our clients and our fellow team members.
  • Be Compassionate to our clients who are striving to achieve their goals, to our client’s culture and beliefs and by allowing families and staff to be vulnerable.
  • Be Considerate to the families we serve, when referring their child for additional services or adjusting their sessions to meet their needs.

We are dedicated to INTEGRITY ALWAYS.

  • Be Courageous in our conversations regarding ethical topics with the families we serve and the team we work with.
  • Be Ethical in our professional standards through maintaining our licensure and continuing education to increase our ability to service our clients.
  • Be bold, honest, and transparent in our conversations with our families and our fellow team members.
  • Uphold integrity through taking responsibility for our actions both in our personal and professional lives.
  • Support and trust each other’s professional knowledge to aid in a seamless experience for the families and communities we serve.
  • Maintain accountability across all professions we work with, while remaining humble in our actions.

We are committed to the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE.

  • Seek excellence in delivering high quality services to our families.
  • Continuous learning within the organization and our community to enhance collaborative efforts.
  • Ongoing communication adaptation, and collaboration encompassing all those involved.
  • Take accountability to ensure our coaching models are understood to support current trends and evidence-based practices to obtain the best outcomes possible for children and families.
  • Striving to achieve personal and professional goals to support those we serve through self-improvement.

We are committed to making a MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE.

  • Maintaining positivity, respect and compassion towards families and colleagues.
  • Providing support, compassion, educational services, and internal programs for families and employees to make a difference in their lives.
  • Respect for everyone’s ideas, opinions and beliefs to ensure open communication and collaboration amongst each other.
  • Be present during interactions with families and colleagues to appreciate their needs and state of mind.

We are SHAPING THE FUTURE generation.

  • Being respectful of individual differences, culture, background and experiences.
  • Truly listening to their needs, desires and concerns by providing tools, guidance and encouragement.
  • Develop intentional relationships by asking questions, cheering on others and celebrating successes.
  • Embrace delivering quality services based on trust, honesty and excellence.
  • Inspire possibility and positivity by using our strengths and talents to “Pay it Forward” in service to others.

Mission & Vision

APRENDAMOS, partnering with families to help children attain their highest potential.

Aprendamos is a committed team of professionals that values trust, honesty and respect while providing quality early intervention, children’s therapy, family therapy, and autism services. We honor diversity in our community while maintaining sensitivity to individual differences. We do what we do because we LOVE what we do!

Our Story

We are a therapist-run organization that began in July of 2005 to serve children and families’ needs through early intervention. So began Aprendamos Intervention Team. Early Intervention services end at age three. Families came to us with concerns about a lack of resources for their children after the age of three, and so began our Esperanza Children’s Therapy Clinic. Families in our programs also voiced concerns with a profound lack of services for children diagnosed with Autism. So we applied for a NM Department of Health grant to provide ABA therapy to children with Autism. So began our fastest growing program Mariposa Autism Service Center. During this same period, families were seeking mental health services. Families who have children with developmental delays and disabilities often experience higher rates of stress, so we started Alegria Family Counseling Clinic. Following these programs, we recognized the need for two grant opportunities to support our families and programs: the Conscious Fathering Program of Southern New Mexico and Cariño Home Visiting Program.

Over the years, we’re grown from one building with one speech pathologist and family service coordinator to six facilities and 240 employees and subcontractors working every day for the children and families in our communities, through families first and families driven growth.

Today we have teams with speech-language, occupational, physical, and family therapists. We also have a nurse, nutritionist, family services coordinators, developmental instructionists, infant massage therapists, and pediatric specialists. Our mental health clinicians specializing in play therapy interventions, MDMR, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more. Our Autism program has 16 Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and about 50 Registered Behavior Therapists (RBT). Our team is growing, we value our A Players and look for each team member’s strengths.

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