• Abel Covarrubias
    Abel Covarrubias Chief Executive Officer
  • Alejandra Covarrubias-Parra
    Alejandra Covarrubias-Parra Lead Clinician, Family Therapist
  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez Mariposa Autism Service Center Business Manager
  • Caroline Zamora
    Caroline Zamora Director of Community Relations & Development
  • Celina Waller
    Celina Waller Director of Children and Family Services
  • Christina Armenta
    Christina Armenta Cariño Home Visiting Program Manager
  • Crystal Ginithan
    Crystal Ginithan Credentialing Specialist
  • Eleanor DeAguero
    Eleanor DeAguero Early Intervention Billing Manager
  • Erin O’Donnell
    Erin O’Donnell Human Resources Director
  • Guadalupe Schneider
    Guadalupe Schneider Anthony Site Coordinator & COTA
  • Elke Wunderlich
    Elke Wunderlich Chief Program Officer
  • Grace Legarreta
    Grace Legarreta Director of Family and Community Engagement
  • Joshua Stoller
    Joshua Stoller Conscious Fathering Program Manager
  • Kathleen Elmore
    Kathleen Elmore Compliance Officer
  • Krystal Chavarria
    Krystal Chavarria Early Intervention Program Manager
  • Leana Trejo
    Leana Trejo Early Intervention Speech Language Pathology Lead
  • Maggie Provencio
    Maggie Provencio Chief Financial Officer
  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Esperanza Children's Therapy Clinic Coordinator
  • Myrna Trujillo
    Myrna Trujillo Mariposa Autism Service Center Executive Clinical Director
  • Valerie Maez
    Valerie Maez Early Intervention Quality Assurance Specialist
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