With Appreciation For Katrina Hille and Her Service to MASC!

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The Aprendamos Family of Services leadership team would like to share our sincere appreciation for our Mariposa Autism Service Center (MASC) Director of Autism Services, Katrina Hille, BCBA, for her years of service. Katrina began her career with Aprendamos in June of 2010 as the Director of MASC where she led the organization for three years. Katrina returned in May of 2017 as the first remote Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Clinical Supervisor to begin telehealth services for MASC and was appointed Director of Autism Services in October 2020. She was also recognized as a 2023 CentralReach Autism and IDD Care Award Recipient. 

Katrina’s leadership has made a tremendous impact for the organization. During her time, she has witnessed Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) develop to become leaders in our community such as special education teachers, mental health counselors, and social workers. Katrina shared, “What I have loved most about working at MASC is watching young RBTs find their passion for Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism, and grow to become BCBAs within the company. That is really rewarding to know that there is a ripple effect happening for people finding their own strength and passion.”

When we asked Katrina about a specific story that resonated with her, she said, “When I was a telehealth supervisor, one of my kiddos wanted to play a game of hide and seek with his brother so we broke into teams. The client took me on the laptop with him, and the RBT and brother teamed up to find us. He ran to his room and hid in the closet, but when the RBT and brother found “us” he said it was my fault because they could see the glow of the laptop and that’s what gave away our hiding spot. It was hilarious and adorable. This moment grew into a full telehealth model of providing social skills opportunities during the strictest periods of lockdown due to the COVID pandemic.”

Aprendamos Family of Services Chief Operating Officer, Celina Waller, said “Katrina’s expertise was crucial to our organization during the pandemic in helping us provide quality telehealth services to our clients. Since she was already doing an exceptional job serving her clients remotely, her guidance and leadership were vital to setting up systems and processes that allowed our entire organization to continue providing services to children and families in our community.” Katrina added, “We realized we could provide a real connection for the children we serve, even if it were through a computer screen. The laughter these kids share is still just as genuine as if they were face-to-face.”

Katrina and her family will be relocating to Europe in the summer of 2024. Until then, Katrina plans to still be actively involved at MASC until she and her family move. “I am happy to be returning to a more hands-on role with the clients. It will be a nice change of pace to be present with the families we serve, rather than at a desk and in meetings all day. The Director role is important, but I am looking forward to PLAYING with the kids and RBTs for the next few months until we move to Europe,” she said. 

Thank you, Katrina, for all you have done and continue to do for the children and families in our community! 

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